"Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa” features the adventures and romance of this legendary hero, who’s true identity is Diego de la Vega, a refined and wealthy man. What few know is that Diego is also a mysterious character, who dresses in black and protects the less fortunate; a hero known by all as “Zorro.”

The story unravels when Diego de la Vega, son of military officer Alejandro de la Vega meets the enchanting Esmeralda, the youngest daughter of the treacherous and feared Fernando Sαnchez de Moncada . She is a young woman with a strong and irreverent personality. Diego falls completely for Esmeralda; however, she does not have the same feelings for him, because her heart belongs to someone else, a mysterious character whom she met in the strangest of circumstances, and a man who dresses in black and calls himself “Zorro.” What she does not suspect is that Diego and “Zorro” are the same person. Time will pass before Esmeralda realizes that every night when she gives herself to her mysterious love, she’s also surrendering into the arms of Diego de La Vega.

Unable to reveal his true identity, Diego will have to overcome many obstacles to win Esmeralda’s heart. This includes a clash with Renzo “El Gitano” ), a handsome masculine man; a proud and passionate gypsy who will become “Zorro’s” eternal rival.


            Christian Meier                        Christian Meier                      Marlene Favela                        Arturo Peniche                          Osvaldo Rios
     Zorro                                 Diego De La Vega                   Esmeralda Sanchez            Fernando Sanchez de Moncada       Alejandro De La Vega

                 Luly Bossa                                 Erick Elias                            Natasha Klauss                           Jorge Cao                            Harry Geithner
Almuneda Sanchez De Moncada            Renzo " Gitano"                            Sor Suplicios                         Padre Tomas Villarte             Capitan Ricardo Montero

              Andrea Lopez                        Margarita Giraldo                    German Rojas                    Hector Suarez Gomis             Andrea Montenegro
                  Mariangela                               Gitana Azucena                         Gitano Jonas                                    Pizarro                                         Maria Pia





                                                                    VIDEOS                               MUSIC

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Amor Gitano
Alejandro Fernandez - Beyonce

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> Title:
    Zorro: La Espada y la rosa
> Adapted by:
 Kiko Oliveri
Patricio Wills and Hugo Leon Ferrer
> Song Title:
Amor Gitano - Alejandro Fernandez & Beyonce
> World Premier in USA:
   Monday, 12th  February 2007, 8:00pm, Telemundo
> A production for:
> Duration:
       120 Episodes x 60 Minutes

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