Rosalinda is a noble and very hard-working girl. She works in a flower booth belonging to grandpa Florentino. 

When Rosalinda's mother died, the girl becomes to help her father Xavier, sisters Fedra and Lucy and her brother Beto. Fedra is very self-absorbed and conceited, Lucy is as sweet as Rosalinda. Beto is a bum, thief and liar. Xavier finds out that one of his daughters is not his daughter and begins to discharge his resentment against the three girls.

Rosalinda meets Fernando Jose Altamirano del Castillo when she delivers flowers to a restaurant belonging to Gerardo, Fernando Joses friend. He and Rosalinda fall in love, though Fernando Jose is hell-bent on concealing the fact that he is a millionaire...

Thalia .... Rosalinda
Fernando Carrillo .... Fernando Jose
Angelica Maria ..... Soledad
Lupita Ferrer ..... Valeria
Nora Salinas ..... Fedra Perez
Eduardo Noriega ..... Alex
Elvira Monsell .... Bertha
Miguel Angel Rodriguez .... Javier
Adriana Fonseca .... Lucy
Paty Diaz .... Clarita
Laura Zapata .... Veronica
Raul Danilla ..... Bonifacio
Roberto "Flaco" Guzman .... Miserias

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> Title:

> Original Story:
 Delia Fiallo

> Producer:
  Salvador Mejia Alejandre
> Song Title:
Thalia - Rosalinda (Ay! Amor)

> Production:
 Televisa San Angel de C.V 
for Canal de las Estrellas (1999(

> Duration:
       90Episodes  x  44 Minutes

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