A chocolate recipe leads to fortune; but it doesn’t negate the struggle for love and acceptance. When Rosita’s mother dies in childbirth, her grandmother, Dulce, decides to raise her. As a child Rosita was not the most outwardly beautiful little girl. But, with her grandmother’s love and affection, she developed a beautiful inner spirit. Nevertheless, growing up, children teased Rosita about her appearance.

She did eventually make friends; however, the friendships were not genuine. Children befriended Rosita because she shared with them some of the most delicious chocolates they had ever tasted. Rosita made them from an old family recipe – a recipe known only to her and her grandmother.

Rosita’s life takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather, Juan Amado, awards her his fortune – a dynasty built on the laurels of the secret chocolate recipe. On top of gaining an inheritance, Rosita falls madly in love with Bruce Remington, a man already committed to marry another woman. Rosita meets both love and betrayal as she strives to find true happiness, which cannot be attained by the wealth of her unforeseen fortune.


                  Carlos Ponce                      Genesis Rodriguez             Genesis Rodriguez       Maria Antonieta De las Nieve           Kristina Lilley
           Bruce Remngton                           Rosita Amado                               Violeta                                 Dulce Amado                          Grace Remngton

                Ricardo Chaves                        Karla Monroig                                Ghotan                            Julley Giliberti                  Rosalinda Rodriguez
Diosdado  Amado                      Samantha Porter                            Angel Perez                          Julia Arismendi                       Hortencia Amado

                Eduardo Serrano                   Taniusha Capote                     Pedro Moreno                         Zuleyka Rivera                     Hector Suarez
Lorenzo                             Azucena  Amado                         Jose Gutierrez                                 Betsy                                      Juan Amado





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> Title:
    Dame Chocolate (Give me Chocolate)
World title:
Sweet Secret 
>Original Idea:
Perla Farias
> Producer:
    Aurelio Varcacel Carroll

> Song Title:
   "Dame Chocolate" - Carlos Ponce
> Premier in USA:
    Monday, 9 January  2006, 21:00 Telemundo

> Number of episodes:
    130 Episodes x 47 minutes

> Production: TELEMUNDO-RTI

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